What is Mr Cooper Listening To?

Musicians and music fans alike go through phases of listening to different styles of music and bands. It may be the time of year, being introduced to a new band, hearing a new style of music, or simply the mood of the person. In H.B. Surround Sound, we are conscious about keeping our sound fresh and evolving. This means continually exposing ourselves to different genres of music and bands. Right now for inspiration, I am addicted to Tiger Army’s Pandora station. There are several great rockabilly / psychobilly bands that are played on the Tiger Army station; such as: The Stray Cats, Nekromantix (from Denmark), Koffin Kats, Johnny Cash, The Misfits, AFI, & The Reverend Horton Heat (just to highlight a few). These bands have great guitar players and legendary riffs that withstand the test of musical time. You can be sure to catch some rocakabilly and psychobilly riffs coming from Mr. Cooper in future HBSS tunes. And if you are looking for some great new music that is out of your usual taste, check out the Tiger Army station on Pandora!