Get Your Dance On

Our new Album “Get Your Dance On” is a compilation of our first 3 EPs. These separate recording sessions took place from May 2011 to Aug 2012.

Our first EP, “Back to Reality” was recorded in May of 2011 at Canyon Hut Studio in Laurel Canyon CA. This studio is beautiful! Built in the garage of an amazing Laurel Canyon mansion home, this studio brings all the comfort of a home into a state of the art studio. Tim Hutton (the engineer) is the Singer of So Cal ska band The Telecasters and he really knows the So Cal punk sound. The rest of Tim’s band: Justin, Jesse and Kevin Bivona were also on hand adding keyboards and synth sections to each of the songs on the EP. We could not have had a better recording experience than this. The guys are extremely nice and passionate about music and there personalities blended perfectly with ours. Since the sessions we have played several shows with the Telecasters and will play many more.

For the second and 3rd recording sessions we visited an old friend Lewis Richards at 17th Street Studio in Newport Beach, CA. Lewis is well known in the reggae rock word for his work with the Dirty Heads, Sublime, Long Beach Dub All Stars and more. We have known Lew for years and were stoked to link back up with him on some music. In Early 2012 we recorded the 3 song EP “Top of the World” at 17th Street Studio and 6 months later went back for 3 more songs. The 6 songs from 17th Street Studio along with 4 songs from the Canyon Hut Back to Reality sessions come together in the form of our 10 song LP “Get Your Dance On”.

“We wanted to create a fun, energetic California Ska/Punk album that harkens back to the New Wave Ska, Rock bands of the 80’s. Get Your Dance On is A little creepy, a little poppy with a no bullshit attitude”.


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