HB Surround Sound

Straight out of Huntington Beach, CA, the boys of HB Surround Sound are true veterans of the Southern California music scene. Honing their chops in various So Cal bands throughout the past 10 years, these five childhood friends found a home together as HB Surround Sound in late 2010. Since the first show (Jan 21st 2011) HBSS has hit the ground running, playing shows all over North America while perfecting an original, energetic blend of New Wave, Ska, and Punk Rock in the vain of The Clash, Rancid, Madness and The Specials.

Determined to make a name for them selves HBSS has no problem staying busy. Summer 2012 saw HBSS drop their first Full Length album “Get Your Dance On” while at the same time joining up with two major nation wide tours. The group spent the first half of summer 2012 with Sublime with Rome, Cypress Hill, and Pepper, while the back half of the summer saw HBSS out with Matisyahu and The Dirty Heads. With the new album and always electric live performances HB Surround Sound continue to bolster respect from industry leaders and a rapidly growing nation wide fan base. With their eyes on the prize and no plans of slowing down, the HBSS team is busy preparing for the bands next phase. Always new, always fresh, always better. - HB Surround Sound.

Music Releases:

Back to Reality (EP 2011)
Explode (EP 2012)
Get Your Dance On (LP 2012)

“The band is Reminiscent of a time when the Warped tour was punk and channeled bands like Tiger Army, Rancid and Sublime.
- Jaime Winston,

“It's dangerous to drive while listening to HB Surround Sound's latest release, "Get Your Dance On," because that's exactly what listeners will want to do”.
- Brittany Woolsey, HB Independent

“tracks jump from pop punk to ska and back again, and it’s done remarkably well with catchy hooks, big guitars and a rude-boy shuffle to light up the dance-floor”.
- Chris Castro,